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      Загорудько Валерій Леонідович       Zagorudko Valeriy Leonidovich 

Zagorudko Valeriy Leonidovich is the Associate Professor of Department of Management, born in 1959, graduated from the Mining Department of the Mining Faculty (DSI) in the specialty “Technology and complex mechanization of underground mining”, specialization “Organization of mining enterprises management”. 1983-1985 – Intern Researcher, 1985-1990 – Junior Researcher at State R&D Lab-9, 1986-1989 – postgraduate study in the specialty 08.00.28, 1990-1994 – Head of State R&D Lab-9, Senior Researcher Problem R&D Lab-1. 1994-2003 – Assistant Lecturer, October 2003–Present – Associate Professor of Department of Management. In-service training in 2018.

Teaching experience - 26 years, university experience 37 years.

More than 70 scientific papers have been published. Involves students in research and publication of their results (30 students) in the course of “Operations Management” and “Controlling”, which he delivers.

Secretary of the Admissions Committee of the Faculty of Management (20 years).

Head of Civil Defense Staff at the ESIEE and Management Department, Head of the Training Center for CP classes and authorized for the Department of Occupational Safety.

e-mail: Valera_Zagorudko@ukr.net

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